Here is a list of useful links highlighted during recent presentations. The full URLs are listed to match what was displayed.

Census Bureau Web site. Especially helpful is the American FactFinder section
2010 Census form (pdf)
American Community Survey forms (including questions from previous years)
Link to Census data from 1790 and on
iPUMS, from the University of Minnesota, allows to you extract detailed information from Census stats since 1850
Economy and Jobs
Bureau of Labor Statistics data page
Ohio Unemployment compensation reports
Ohio/U.S. unemployment stats
Or direct link to historical
Elections and Campaign Finance
Federal Elections Commission
Open Secrets, a great source to quickly find data on candidates and donors
Site run by the Huffington Post that allows you to search donors by neighborhood
Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections featuring historical stats
Tax stats
IRS Tax stats
IRS sales tax estimates by state (beginning on page 14)
IRS Migration Data,,id=212683,00.html
Ohio Department of Taxation research page

Collection of valuable links

Transportation stats
U.S. Department of Transportation
NEO Cando
An example of a tremendous regional resource
National Weather Service
Local climate data for recent months
(This is for Cleveland. For other places, go to, type in your ZIP code and click for the forecast. Once there, in the upper left, there will be a link identifying the local forecast office. Click that link. Then click the "climate and past weather" link next to the forecast office name. This is the link for Grand Rapids, Mich., for example.
Storm Event Database, National Climatic Data Center
For more links, there is the Storm Data Publications page
Or the Storm Prediction Center
Sports Reference LLC