Google Fusion maps: a how-to

There are various options on the web to make and share interactive maps. I prefer Google Fusion, a less-often used portion of Google Drive.

Google Fusion sometimes is hard to find, though it is there within your Google account. Here is a direct link to speed the process. As an alternative, just do a Google search for Google Fusion.

  • Upload your spreadsheet from your computer to Google Fusion
    • Complete the import following the steps shown on your screen
  • Select the “map” tab.
    • Select your “full address” as the location
      • Once the map is drawn, check to make sure there are not any obvious errors in your mapping.
  • Choose a marker type, using the options provided with the “change features style” tab at your left.
  • Then begin editing the popup menu by using the “change info window” tab at your left.
    • Some handy tips for dressing up the popup window
    • <b> and </b> – words between this codes will be bold
    • <br/> code will cause a line break, or return
    • To include a photo, use this code:
      • <img src=“URL” width=75px>
        • Place your URL where I have put URL between the quote marks in the code line.
        • Adjust the width off the photo to your liking with the width number, or you can set a height by adding a height = xx.
  • In the best-case scenario, you also will have fields for latitude and longitude. This allows for more accurate mapping, and allows the page to load quicker on computers.
    • The site I have used for years for quickly retrieving latitudes and longitudes is temporarily down, and may be limited in the future. But this is a good link to hang onto in case it comes back. It is at this link:
    • There are other options to find simply by doing a Google search for “find latitude and longitude.” This is one really good one:
    • For latitude and longitude of things without an address, such as a off-road trail or the seating location with in a stadium, you can obtain the location by clicking on specific spots from the above link or:
      • Going to
      • Center in on the location
      • Grab the latitude and longitude from the URL line once you have centered your map on the location
  • Once you’re finished with the map, you can get the embed code and choose the size you want to display on your website by using the publish option under the map tab.
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