Talking data at Youngstown State University



YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Youngstown State University was kind enough to invite me to take part in “Press Day,” giving me an opportunity share the potential of data-driven journalism with students and prospective journalism students.

I’m always happy to talk about how journalists can craft unique, impactful stories by developing a toolbox full of data skills.

If you were part of the Oct. 4, 2016, session and would like to review the stories and tips discussed, follow this link.

How to estimate crowds


I put together a primer to help journalists be realistic with crowd estimates. This could be especially useful when there is no official estimate from an independent party – only guesses from promoters of an event boasting about how many people were there. In short, only so many people will fit into any space. Read more details and background on crowd estimating at this link. The video below offers a brief overview.

Data journalism at Central Michigan University


Central Michigan UniversityI was thrilled to get the opportunity Oct. 8-9, 2015, to talk data journalism with students and faculty at Central Michigan University’s Department of Journalism, one of just two nationally-accredited journalism programs in Michigan.

We spent an afternoon talking to students, encouraging them to open their eyes to data journalism and offering some tips to get them started. Then I had an opportunity to trade ideas with faculty during a full day workshop.

Look for future data journalists to come out of CMU. There are some bright and interested minds there.