Quick stop to check job growth (and loss) numbers

Bureau of Labor StatisticsThe politicians love to boast about employment gains, or take shots at their opponents over job losses. It’s a separate debate as to the degree politicians are responsible for job gains and losses, but at least it’s easy to check

Here’s a link that will get you to the right spot to quickly fact check what is being said with the official numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And, once there, it doesn’t take long to take a look at a wider timeframe so you can begin to draw your own conclusions.

From this link, it just takes three clicks and about 15 seconds to to see 10 years’ of monthly data: (A) select “top picks,” (B) select “Total Nonfarm Employmen” and (C) click “retrieve data.” From there, you can dig deeper if you like.

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